Can You Replace a Regular Window With a Bay Window?

Aug 30, 2021

Lovely two-story home with porch and upper and lower story bay windowsFew upgrades deliver the lightning-fast boost in curb appeal your home will get if you replace your ordinary picture window with a bay window. Moreover, a bay window doesn’t just add charm to your home’s exterior architecture—it enhances your interior living space, too. For these reasons, many homeowners wonder if it’s possible to swap out their regular flat window for a bay or bow window. In many cases, the answer is yes.

Exactly What Are Bay and Bow Windows?

A bay window is a configuration of three windows that are installed at angles so that the entire window unit projects outward from a home’s exterior wall. Typically, a picture window is installed as the centerpiece, flanked by either double-hung or casement windows, which can be opened for ventilation. A bow window is similar in that it also projects outward, but it is made up of four or more windows and presents a curved appearance.

In addition to enhancing your home décor, a bay or bow window can:

  • Create usable space inside your home for a window seat or shelving
  • Welcome in an abundance of natural light that few other window styles can match
  • Deliver ample views of the outdoor landscape
  • Increase your home value due to both aesthetic appeal and added square footage

Converting a Flat Window to a Bay or Bow Window

There are several factors to consider before converting your flat window to a bay or bow window configuration. Here are a few of the most important:

Your Home’s Architecture

The size and style of your home play a role in how attractive a bay or bow window will look. Fortunately, there are a variety of designs for bay and bow windows so that in most cases, you can find a good match for your home, whether you live in a grand Victorian mansion, a small modern home, or a cozy bungalow.

Your Home’s Structural Features

A potentially limiting factor in your quest for a bay or bow window is whether your home is structurally able to handle the extra supports needed for this type of window. It’s important to have an experienced, highly skilled window installer assess your home, including the overhang and soffit system where you’d like to have a bay window installed, before you proceed. If there’s no overhang where you want your new bay window, your contractor may be able to install the window and add a roof skirt above it.

Your Existing Window Opening

Bay or bow windows are best fitted to openings that are wider than they are tall. In some cases, you may be able to enlarge a narrow window opening to accommodate a bay or bow window, but that will add to the cost of your window replacement. Again, it’s best to partner with a window installation expert who will take a look at your existing space, listen to your goals, and help you determine whether replacing your regular flat window with a bay or bow configuration is right for you.

If you live in northwestern Indiana, you can feel confident turning to get Window Depot for beautiful, energy-efficient replacement windows, including bay and bow window styles. We take pride not only in the quality of our replacement windows but also in the expertise of our window installers. If you’re considering converting a flat window to a bay or bow configuration, contact us today. We’ll be happy to take a look and provide you with options that will enhance your home, as well as a free estimate.

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