What Replacement Windows Are Best for Homes in Indiana?

Dec 02, 2021

Are your home’s windows showing signs of old age? If the frames are warped, cracked, or pockmarked with impact damage, they may be becoming an eyesore. Plus, if they’re more than two decades old, they likely were not built with the energy-efficiency features that come standard in modern windows. Can you feel a draft from your windows? Are you constantly paying high monthly energy bills? These are telltale signs that it’s time for your windows to be replaced. But there are a lot of replacement windows on the market. Which are the best for your home in Indiana? Look for windows that will:

Resist Damage From the Elements Over Time

A key factor to consider when shopping for replacement windows is the local climate. In Indiana, we experience a lot of precipitation throughout the year. Summers are wet, and winters can bring hail. You want new windows that are strong enough to resist damage from the weather. A popular choice is vinyl windows. Vinyl window frames never rot, splinter, or warp. The color of the vinyl material is consistent throughout the frame, so even if a particularly large ball of hail dings it, no bare color will be exposed. Vinyl windows, therefore, never need to be painted. Furthermore, because vinyl contains no wood, it holds no interest for termites or woodpeckers.

Improve Your Home’s Thermal Performance

Continuing the theme of Indiana’s climate, summers can bring temperatures up into the 90s, while winters can chill the temperature down into the teens. During each season, your HVAC will be dutifully running around the clock to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. To reap the most from your investment in window replacement, find energy-efficient windows that are built with insulating features that can improve thermal performance. Modern windows are marvels of energy efficiency and can all but eliminate heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter. Indeed, energy-efficient windows can help drive down high monthly energy bills, garnering you savings that can add up and pay off your investment over time.

Boost Curb Appeal

In addition to performance benefits, new windows can add beauty to your home. Find a window contractor that offers customization options so that you can design replacement windows to enhance the design of your home. For instance, some windows are available with attractive colors on the outer frames and woodgrain patterns on the inner frames, which will allow you to add a fresh touch of beauty to both the exterior and interior of your home.

Function the Way You Want Them To

Replacement windows come in all sorts of styles to offer unique functionality for each room in the house. As an example, if you enjoy fresh air, an easily operable double-hung or sliding window may be right for you. To maximize energy efficiency, consider a casement window, which swings open like a door and seals tightly when closed. Other common styles include bay and bow windows that provide an expansive view of the outdoors and allow plenty of natural light into the home.

Where to Find Windows for Your Home in Indiana

At get Window Depot, we offer high-performance vinyl windows that are designed to stand the test of time and improve your home’s thermal performance. For your window replacement, we’ll help you design the perfect new windows for your Indiana home, and we’ll protect your investment with a lifetime warranty that even covers glass breakage. Plus, thanks to our partnership with Window Depot™, we have the best prices for replacement windows in the area and can help make your project affordable. Contact us today to learn more.

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